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SmartInTech was established in 2005 as a member of Russian business group of companies. Now SmartInTech became a high quality research and electronic product development company working for the wide range of markets and customers.
For the last 15 years SmartInTech has developed and delivered new products and technical solutions for a large number of clients. Nowadays SmartInTech performs a full product development lifecycle. Among the clients are state companies, industrial leaders and small private enterprises and start-ups. Our team is experienced to solve the most intricate tasks and our professional skills are good enough to get the job done.
SmartInTech managers can listen and be very attentive to different clients. We help them to discover the key-points for estimating costs and saving funds at the very beginning of projects even if it doesn’t serve us.
Collaborating with our partners from the business group SmartInTech took part in a number of large-scale projects, launching important break-through technologies.
SmartInTech engineers developed a line of electronic devices based on GPS technologies for control systems in transport. Our portfolio includes successful research projects for Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
SmartInTech has two relative departments. An electronic systems department focuses on full electronic product development lifecycle. A system integration department supplies complex solutions for different business and industrial processes.

Electronic systems department is able to perform full cycle electronic product development: we make close initial research of a task, then estimate feasibility and preliminary costs. If our solution satisfies the client’s needs we make a project following the contract schedule and conditions. Based on ready-made solutions and approaches we develop pre-production models and issue documentation in a very short period of time. After testing and verifying the models a product can be manufactured under full quality control.
Full cycle product development requires wide skills in hardware and software. Our customers trust us for we able to fulfil analog and digital circuit development, layout and platform design, FPGA development, attractive housing design.
We can research and offer sensors suitable for the task and manage the interaction between them and the control systems also providing the reliable and low power consumption.
Our programmers can develop wide range of software applications using multiple programming languages and solutions based on GNU / Linux OS, they are able to create 8 - 32 bit firmware for embedded systems, data management and many others.

System integration department provides complex solutions for automation technological and business processes, implementing data processing centers, information security and control systems, distributed video conferencing systems, deploying telecommunications infrastructure on the basis of cooperation with leading Russian and foreign equipment manufacturers, developers of new means and communication technologies, research and design organizations, construction and installation units and educational and training institutions.
Managers and engineers of the system integration department can perform IT-consulting, make initial research and develop corporate networks, SCS, engineering systems, supply equipment and software, install the systems and provide technical support and training.


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